30 Dec 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Apps

The default search on Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft's Bing, which is absolutely fine and certainly works well enough on the whole. However, there is a familiarity with Google's way of searching which for many is irreplaceable. The official Google app for Windows Phone isn't quite as comprehensive as it is on Android but you do get the option of location based search results, voice searches and fully-functional auto-complete predictions. It's free, quick and easy to use.

Toggle allows you to switch key phone functions on and off with a tap, the functionality echoes similar built-in capabilities from Android phones and it's a welcome addition to the Windows Phone platform. Essentially, with this app you can create a Live Tile for things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, airplane mode and location data.

Connectivity Shortcuts is similar to Toggle but with more of a focus on connectivity functionality and with a slightly different look and feel which may appeal to some users more than Toggle. It's a bit more customisable as it allows you to edit the text shown on the Live Tile and you can choose the colour from Windows Phone's standard options.

Lock Themes makes use of the new addition to Windows Phone 8 which allows apps to send information and content to the lock screen. The app lets you select a theme and will subsequently send pictures or quotes as your lock screen wallpaper. According to the developers new themes are being added all the time, but at present a few gems include a Christmas-themed ‘Deck the Halls' and one which is chock-full of Halo 4 Concept Art. Other options include Daily Horoscopes and a Nature theme.

Ztitch is a photo editing suite designed to let you take multiple snaps and then piece them together into a 3D-like panoramic 360-degree environment. It's somewhat reminiscent of Android Jelly Bean's new PhotoSphere and you can fully pan and zoom the created images. Integrated sharing features for Facebook, Twitter and email mean you can send your new compositions to your friends. With the Lumia 920's amazing PureView camera the results are particularly impressive. Best of all it's completely free.

29 Dec 2012

China Increased Restrictions On Internet Users

China's government issued new rules Friday requiring Internet users to give their real names to service providers, while assigning Internet companies more responsibility for deleting forbidden postings and reporting them to the authorities.The decision came as censors have sharply stepped up restrictions on China's international Internet traffic in recent weeks.The restrictions are making it harder for businesses to protect commercial secrets and for individuals to view websites that the Chinese Communist Party deems politically sensitive.

The new regulations, by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress allow pseudonyms for online postings but only if users give their real names to service providers a measure that could dampen discourse on China's Twitter-like micro blogs.Internet users are periodically detained for political comments such as calls for a multiparty democracy or accusations of official impropriety.Any entity providing Internet access by land lines or via cellphones should demand that users provide true information about their identities,the order said.

26 Dec 2012

Apple Gets Focused on Labor

The attention brought to bear on the labor practices of Apple's manufacturers and suppliers in China may be starting to create real, positive change in the electronics industry,says an article published this evening in The New York Times.The Times, along with other media outlets, published several high-profile reports this year on the practices of Apple suppliers  including contract manufacturer Foxconn, which produces Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as products for other companies.The reports also included looks at Apple's lack of manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and its tax strategies.

Such media attention  and the entry of the issue into mainstream consciousness,by way of skits on Saturday Night Live and questions during the presidential debates  has the Times reports, compelled executives in the electronics industry to realize they need to turn things around.
The days of easy globalization are done,the paper quotes an unidentified Apple executive as saying.We know that we have to get into the muck now.Some of the positive steps the Times mentions are decreased hours and increased wages at Foxconn,a tripling of Apple's corporate social responsibility staff;increased transparency from Apple on practices and progress,and a new willingness on the part of Apple to reach out to worker-advocacy groups.

 Apple has also,the Times reports,stopped treating these labor issues like engineering puzzles,and has adopted a messier, more human approach one with an increased focus on listening to workers and labor groups as opposed to simply establishing more policies.The negative attention on industry giants Apple and Foxconn, as well as the positive changes it has begun to foster, are affecting the industry at large, the Times reports,with companies like HP and Intel, as well as Foxconn's competitors, getting swept up in the jetstream.Intel's director of corporate responsibility,Gary Niekerk,tells the news outlet,This is on the front burner for everyone now.No one inside Intel wants to end up in a factory that treats people badly,that ends up on the front page.

Nokia Lumia with New Discounts

Little more than a month after launching in the U.S.,Nokia Corp.'s NOK1V.HE -3.60% critical Lumia lineup of smartphones is being sold at postholiday discounts—or even free with contracts—at some U.S. carriers and through Inc. AMZN -3.86%.Nokia is betting on the success of the Lumia phones, which run Microsoft Corp.'s MSFT -0.74% Windows Phone 8 software, to steady the company after a string of financial losses.The high-end Lumia 920 launched in November at AT&T Inc.T +0.12% with a $99 price tag,and the Lumia 822 also was offered at $99 in Verizon VZ -0.21% Wireless stores.

The 920 is still available directly through AT&T for the original $99 price, but it can be had at for $39 to buyers willing to take on an AT&T contract.Verizon's 822,meanwhile, is free with a contract.T-Mobile USA Inc., which sells the Lumia 810, is also giving the phone away to buyers willing to take on a contract.Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson said in an email that pricing is always a carrier decision,but holiday season promotions are fairly standard at this time of year.He noted that Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +1.77% phones are also being offered for free in some markets.

Verizon declined to comment on why the move was made.T-Mobile said its move was part of a broader limited-time offering.It is unclear if the carriers are shouldering the entire financial burden of offering discounts, or if Nokia is providing some marketing support.Although Nokia executives have indicated the Lumia lineup is off to a good start, the company hasn't released specific sales figures for the latest Lumia line, which launched in the U.S. last month.The Lumia is one of several Windows Phone 8 devices available and when the first generation of Nokia's Windows phones launched, sales were considered a disappointment.

LG Converts NFC into Blue Ray Home Theater

LG is in the midst of a whirlwind tour of its 2013 CES introductions, and the next stop is its AV catalog.The running theme this year is NFC: both the BH9430PW 9.1-channel home theater and the BP730 Blu-ray player include the short-range wireless format to simplify mirroring content from your Optimus G and, most likely,other NFC phones.The surround system also packs an iPod dock and a Private Audio Mode that funnels sound to a nearby smartphone when a quiet house is paramount. Beyond these two devices, LG promises the Bluetooth-equipped, 310W NB4530A sound bar, a ND8630 speaker dock with both Android and iOS support including AirPlay and Bluetooth and an NP6630 portable speaker that stuffs AirPlay,Bluetooth and NFC into its frame. We'll know more at CES next month,but those who want LG's overview can see it for themselves after the break.

25 Dec 2012

iPad 5 will be very thinner and lighter

The fourth-generation iPad was just released last month — just eight months after the third-generation iPad — but it seems Apple believes that the market is ready for a thinner, lighter iPad already. And come March 2012, you might just see it on the shelves, according to Japanese blog Macotakara. The report was picked up and first translated by 9to5Mac.According to my inside source,iPad 5th may be released in March, 2013. Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail,and be thinner and lightweight.The expectation comes to have a small 4mm in height,17mm in width,depth 2mm.

The report also mentioned that the next iPad Mini will be released with a Retina display.It is the one feature that many users wanted in the original iPad Mini and it wouldn’t be a big surprise. Most apple devices have a Retina display anyway.Macotakara cited unnamed sources for its report, and it’s unclear whether Apple would want to release an iPad so soon after the last one. But it might just be a sign of a desperate Apple doing everything possible to keep it’s nose ahead of Samsung.

Windows 8 : Sales Goes Soft in the Market

Microsoft says it sold about 40 million copies of the new Windows 8 operating system in its first month, but it hasn’t exactly lit the computer market on fire.Despite Windows 8's new features, computer sales are still down from last year, and Microsoft’s Surface tablet has seen few takers so far.In the past,when Microsoft launched a new version of Windows, people would flock to upgrade, and Microsoft might see a Windows sales bump up to 30 percent.That’s not the case with Windows 8, though.The consensus is that it’s doing what everyone expected it to do, which is not a lot,says Stephen Baker, a vice president at NPD group. He says Windows computer sales are down about 10-12 percent this year compared with last year.

Windows 8 is a big departure for Microsoft because it’s designed to work best with touchscreen computers and tablets. That’s why sales of new computers are so important to the success of Windows 8.If you get Windows 8,but you’re running on an old desktop, you don’t actually get that much benefit,says Carolina Milanesi,vice president of research at Gartner.We will get a better sense of Windows 8 sales once more PC makers release new touchscreen computers next year.But with the rise of smartphones and tablets, it’s no longer a given that a new device will even have Windows.

24 Dec 2012

LG will Showcase Two Google TV Models in 2013

LG Electronics (LG) has announced that it will introduce an extended Google Tv line-up at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. LG claims that its new models, the GA7900 and the GA6400, will deliver an intuitive user experience at various sizes and new designs.Google's latest platform and LG's redesigned Magic Remote Qwerty work together to improve the effectiveness of Voice Search and the PrimeTime quick guide.

LG states that the updated Smart Home also adds to the user experience by offering access to VoD, YouTube and more apps.The premium model will incorporate LG's advanced Cinema Screen design for a sleek and modern finish.The brand claims that the LG Google Tv aims to redefine the user experience. The new Smart Home offers different types of cards that act as folders for apps and other content. The new My Interest Card can display useful information including real-time weather and customisable news.

LG Smart TV's dual core CPU enables easy menu navigation, fast Internet browsing and video streaming. LG claims that the additional processor power allows the TruPicture XD Engine to process images quickly, which results in richer colours, deeper contrast and greater overall picture clarity.

Latest BlackBerry Smartphone : Image Leaked

New images apparently showing upcoming Blackberry mobile have been leaked online.If genuine, the images show a straight keyboard similar to the one seen on the Torch model.The photos were first revealed by, via Chinese site CNBeta.According to the Daily Mail, the site reported that the latest image shows the BlackBerry 10 N-Series, which is rumored to debut with a touchscreen L-Series phone next month.The device's operating system, however, still remains a mystery, as the phone is turned off in all the leaked image,the paper said.Manufacturer Research in Motion RIM is still more than a month away from unveiling the next generation of the BlackBerry.

Apple : iPad 5 will be Launched in March 2013

Rumors are flying around again of a new iPad on the way from Apple.This time,it appears that the company will release an 'iPad 5' as soon as this March. According to Japanese site, Macotakara, the fifth generation iPad will be thinner and lighter than the current version and pick up design elements from the iPad mini, which inherited the iPhone 5's black/slate and white/silver design.The same report also claims that Apple is working on next-gen iPad mini,which would feature a 2048x1536 retina display, which is the same resolution as that used in the current and previous generation iPads.

This comes a mere five months after the surprise launch of the fourth generation iPad in November.This continues and perhaps increases the speed of a quick release cycle started by Apple in 2012, with the fourth generation iPad having been released just six months after the previous one. It wouldn't be surprising if Apple ends up seeing a backlash over the fast obsolescence of its expensive products.Macotakara also claims some next-generation iPad dimensions: the expectation comes to have a small 4mm in height,17mm in width, depth 2mm.These numbers are obviously unrealistic expectations for the fifth-generation iPad's actual size,but these numbers would make sense in the context of being millimeters smaller in all of the iPad's physical dimensions than the current iPad. 

The current, fourth-generation iPad measures in at dimensions of 241.2 mm by 185.7 mm by 9.4 mm, so those numbers subtracted by Macotakara's numbers would point to a thinner iPad that is slightly shorter and narrower. The new supposed thinness would mean the next iPad is nearly as thin as the 7.2mm thin iPad mini.

Asus Nexus 7 Tablet : Ready To Release

The most influential gadget of 2012, the Android-powered Nexus 7 raises the bar for all tablets.We saw many impressive gadgets reach Australian shores this year, but the Nexus 7 tablet stands out from the crowd. Google's Android 4.1 reference device, built by Asus, the Nexus 7 sets the new standard for Android tablets both in terms of quality and value for money.

The Android 4.2 update is now available for the Nexus 7, bringing with it a range of interesting new features including support for multiple user accounts -- similar to Fast User Switching on a Windows PC.After initially launching with 8 and 16GB models, a hardware refresh now offers even better value for money. Online you'll pay $250 for the 16GB wi-fi-only mode and $299 for 32GB, or a little more on the stores.

The $369 32GB wi-fi/3G Nexus 7 has also reached Australian stores this month, making it even more attractive for road warriors.At this price you're entitled to expect the Nexus 7 to be a piece of junk like many of the budget Android tablets. But this little tablet can hold its head high amongst the best.

It certainly deserves some of the credit for forcing Apple's hand with the iPad mini. After declaring 7-inch tablets were duds, Apple finally threw its hat in the ring this year after the Nexus 7 made such an impressive debut. The iPad mini might have been in the pipeline for some time, but Apple could have held off a little longer without pressure from the Nexus 7.

23 Dec 2012

Twitter's New Record : 200 million Active Users

Twitter announced on December 18 the number of active users of the service has topped 200 million in a sign of the amazing growth of the messaging platform. News of the milestone came in a tweet, of course, from the official Twitter account:There are now more than 200 million monthly active twitter users.You are the pulse of the planet.We're grateful for your ongoing support.

The number was the first official estimate from Twitter since it claimed 140 million active users.Outside analysts have provided various estimates for Twitter, which is privately held and thus not required to disclose most business data.

Earlier this year, a French-based research firm said over 500 million people are on the micro-blogging site, with Americans and Brazilians the most connected. Another group Sys-Con media estimated last month that Twitter had over 465 million accounts and that the number of daily tweets had topped 175 million. A recent survey found one in seven Americans who go online use Twitter and eight percent do so every day.

New Ultra Small Raspberry Pi Laptop Released

Watch out Apple, there's a new ultra small laptop on the market featuring cutting-edge hardware, a solid-state hard drive, and a glowing fruit icon on the lid. The miniature, fully functional machine was designed in Austin by Nathan Morgan, the CEO of Parts People, using a Raspberry Pi for the processor. While the Raspberry Pi is a super accessible and inexpensive computing platform, it's rarely used in traditional applications.

The Raspberry Pi platform has been used to add computational power to almost everything, from mini arcade games to augmented-reality goggles, but few have tried to create something that approximates a traditional computer.This attempt takes electronic components that were destined to repair Dell computers and combines them with a 3-D printed shell to create a laptop with 10 hours of battery life, a full qwerty keyboard and a great chance of giving its user a hernia with its heft.

22 Dec 2012

Google Will Launch X Tablet and X Phone

Google is working on a new top-secret handset codenamed the 'X-phone' which the search engine giant hopes will allow it to muscle in and compete with Apple and Samsung for a share of the $219 billion smartphone market.Having acquired Motorola seven months ago for $12.5 billion, Google wants the phone to boast as yet unspecified cutting-edge features which will set it apart from the iPhone 5 and Galaxy models which have a controlling percentage of the lucrative smartphone market.

Cell phone pioneer Motorola is said to be working on two fronts with the X phone. The first is a device which will be sold through service provider Verizon and the other is an X tablet which it hopes will compete again against Apple and Samsung's market leading products.
The Wall Street Journal has claimed that the development of Google's next generation smartphone is fraught with difficulty for the Mountain View, California firm as it attempts to manage complex relationships with Samsung who utilise Google's Android operating system.

It is thought that the design features that Google and Motorola are looking to introduce include high quality applications for the phone's camera and photo software, including better color saturation and the ability to take panoramic shots said two sources to the Wall Street Journal.However, the development teams are said to have found that the proposed features are too draining on battery life or have already been utilised successfully on the iPhone 5 which was launched earlier this year.They also encountered problems when they tried to use a bendable screen and materials such as ceramics that would allow the X Phone to be stress resistant and be made into different colours.

Instagram : Updated Adds Filter Tool

It was business as usual for Instagram's developers this week despite the kerfuffle over the photo-sharing service's overreaching terms of use agreement.An update of Instagram's software was rolled out Thursday after the service backed off changes to its use policy that were widely interpreted as allowing Instagram to sell its members' photos, without compensation, to advertisers.That's not the intent of the policy changes, maintained Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom in a blog item titled "Thank you, and we're listening.He explained,To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos.

In the Instagram update released this week for both the Android and iOS versions of the software, a new filter has been added (Mayfair), as well as better integration with Facebook, some bug fixes, performance improvements, and language support expansion to 25 languages.The Mayfair filter, which doesn't seem to do much at all to a image, lightens the center of a photo and adds a very faint purple tint to it.The iOS release of the update also allows for sharing photos from any album and contains a fix for a bug that affected importing images from third-parties.In response to user outrage with its policy changes, Instagram has reverted to the language in an older version of its terms of use agreement.

The terms of use flap is just the most recent that Instagram has found itself embroiled in in recent times. Two weeks ago it ignited an uproar when it scrapped support of Twitter cards.Twitter cards allow rich media to be posted in tweets that appear in a user's feed stream on the microblogging service. Before Instagram withdrew support for cards, Instagram pictures could appear in their full glory on Twitter.Now only links to Instagram pictures appear in tweets.

21 Dec 2012

Apple Uploads Christmas Commercial on Youtube

Apple has just uploaded its yearly Christmas commercial to the company’s YouTube channel. The commercial features a grandchild singing and playing a ukulele to Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” to what looks to be her grandfather via FaceTime on her iPad mini. Apple shows her grandfather on a full-sized iPad to show that FaceTime works across multiple iOS device types. If you’d like to view the heartwarming commercial for yourself, we’ve embedded it above for your viewing pleasure.Last year, Apple featured the iPhone 4S and Siri in its yearly holiday ad by showing Santa asking Siri to find directions to houses. This video has since been removed from Apple’s YouTube channel, though it has been reuploaded multiple times to third-party channels.

Facebook will now charge users $1 per message

Facebook decides to charge their users for certain types of messages.This action is taken for the improvement in company's revenue and profit.Currently facebook is working on it to make it profitable and if it is approved then it will be a great additional source of earning for Facebook.

So far their messaging system is sending the most relevant messages.These messages includes every facebook user.They are dividng messaging folder.Spam messages will be shown in another folder.All these features are still under testing process.They said currently we're just doing few tests to find out how much it can be financial for us.

In the starting they will charge very few people to send messages to their facebook friends.Users will be charged for the Inbox messages and for receiving messages also.A single message will cost users $1 per message.It might decrease the amount of facebook users and surely it will be a harmful risk if they approve this experiment.

Facebook is taking this decision as a useful addition to their features.They said,it will allow users to send a message to somone they're not friends with.Even it can be helpful for you about sending a message for a job opportunity.Facebook is under pressure and still they're receiving criticism from the media and press for their methods of generating revenue.

This message service is similar to Inmail service of linkedin corp.Both of these professional networks are rivals these days.Facebook also announced some other features for the future which are under testing process and can be released in a few months.Facebook will now charge those merchants who used run offers on their social network.

19 Dec 2012

Manchester United defines role of Van Persie

Manchester United spent a huge amount of 22 million pounds for the 29 year old Robin van persie.Sir Alex Ferguson was criticised for his signing and this decision also received a valid criticism from the fans and the experts.Everyone was aware of Robin's weak ankle and still some of them suggest that Manchester united should not depend on him completely.

Sir Alex Ferguson still denies these doubters and so far it has been going in his favour.Most importantly Manchester united is leading the points table just because of Robin's amazing form.Sir Alex defines him as a goal scoring machine which will help them to clear the difference of goals between them and Manchester City.

Sir Alex Ferguson has tried Van persie almost in every formation and he has performed exceptionally well.Even Wayne Rooney hasn't performed like Van Persie in this season.Rooney is far behind him and still struggling to get his complete form.Rooney is sharing the attack with Robin Van Persie but so far he's assisting him instead trying his luck.

Van Persie seems to be enjoying his playing style at Manchester united.He's feeling comfortable in all postions and he's the leading scorer for them.He's not affraid of Manchester United's playing shape and continues to play in his unique role.Robin has a habit of sharing his attacking tactics on the field for which he was always criticised at Arsenal but now Manchester united is getting all the benefit.

Van Persie hasn't changed his playing style at Manchester United.With his same movements and tactics he's allowed to move anywhere on the field under Alex Ferguson's management.He's been quite helpful for Wayne Rooney in the attack.

18 Dec 2012

Lionel Messi extends his contract until 2018

Lionel Messi has decided to stay at Barcelona until 2018 according to his new contract extension.It's an amazing news for barcelona.Fans are also thrilled to hearing this news because he cannot find a better place and combination to play.Messi himself has always wanted to finish his career at barcelona.He says that barcelona helped to achieve his dreams and i'm unable to thank for whatever they have done for me to build my career.

Even Carlos puyol and Xavi Hernandez are also agreed to stay until 2016.Both players has been a major reason for barcelona's success rate throughout their careers,Specially in the few recent years.All these contracts are yet to be signed by these players,club officials confirmed that.Barcelona's management is very happy with their decision to stay at the club.

These three stars started their careers at barcelona's worldwide famous academy.It shows the standard of their academy.Messi joined their academy at the age of 13 and when he was 17,he gained the attentions of his all coaches.His playing style has always been impressive and different for the coaches.

On sunday messi reached his 90th goal of this season.In last eight games he has scored twice in each game.Now it is very easy to predict who's gonna be the next fifa world player of the year.He will win this award fourth time in a row which will be an example for rest of the football stars which are very much over rated and has been compared to lionel messi.Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo are also short listed for this award.

Carlos Puyol has been a outstanding captain for barcelona.Under his leading skills,barcelona has won three champions league,five la liga titles and two copa del rey titles.He made his debut in 1999 and the honour of leading the barca side was awarded to him in 2004.The same year messi made his debut for barcelona.

16 Dec 2012

Barcelona thrashed Atletico Madrid with 4 - 1

Barcelona thrashed Atletico madrid with 4-1 and doinated the match completely.Lionel messi scored his 22nd brace of the season and now he has reached to 90 goals in a year.Atletico madrid was considered the closest rival of barcelona but all went wrong for Atletico madrid and they lost the with 4-1.After this iwn barcelona is clearly 13 point ahead of Real madrid in La liga.

It is barcelona's 15th win in 16 matches.Real madrid's match was drawn last night with 2-2 against a weak team like Espanyol and this sort of performance shows that madrid boys are really struggling this season in attack and defence speacially.So all these reasons have forced both Cristiano ronaldo and Jose mourinho to think about their future at Real madrid.

Atletico madrid was thrilled with Falcao's form when he scored the opening goal for them in the 31st minute but just after 5 minutes Adriano replied very qucikly with a long range shot.Sergio Busquets doubled the lead with 2-1 just before the half time.Messi got the lead far away from Atletico madrid in the 57th minute and scored the final goal of the match in dying moments of the match in 88th mintue.

After the match Atletico madrid's coach said that,Messi is the best in the world.He said we tried our every best option but barcelona performed at their best and it's almost imposssible to catch them at this moment.He also said that la liga is becoming very boring year by year.It was considered as Messi vs Falcao.Both stars scored but Messi showed again that why he's the best.

In La liga,Messi is leading the charts with 25 goals and Falcao with 17 goals.Atletico madrid tried to fight at their best and they were very much successfull in creating the chances in the first half.It was Falcao's biggest test against barcelona and not for only him.Now a days every emerging player should be tested against Barcelona.Any player who performs against them can be true star.

15 Dec 2012

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid,Title Race Decider

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid will be the biggest match of la liga season so far.Both teams will play tomorrow at camp nou.Fans and critics are considering this match as Messi vs Falcao.Both players are playing on their highest potential in this season.Last week falcao scored 5 goals in a single match.From that kind of performance you can analyze his form very easily.But it will be a true test of Falcao beacuse tomorrow he will play against Barcelona.

Barcelona is leading the points table with 6 points.Atletico madrid is second on the points table.This clash will clearify the entire title race beacuse atletico madrid is the only valid threat to barcelona.For barcelona everything is going in a great shape.Forms of players are awesome this year.Every single player is looking like a goal scoring player for them and as always messi is leading the top scorer chart.

Cesc Fabregas was injured last week but it didn't received the attention of fans.He is playing much better than Andres iniesta this season.Fabregas has scored seven goals and assisted nine times this season so far which is much better than iniesta's performance.So it will be great if fabregas get himself fit quickly and continue his form.Rumors says that he will miss the match tomorrow.Over twenty percent of barcelona's goals were set by fabregas so far.

Dani Alves will be replaced by Adriano at right back position.Everyone is happy with adriano's performance so he'll get the complete support which he deserves.He have the ability to play on both positions either right or left.Attacking midfielder Pedro is struggling with his form but he will be given a chance to play tomorrow to regain his form.Andres Iniesta will play on left wing.

For Atletico madrid,now every important player is fit for them and specially their attacking force which was in doubts.Falaco had a small injury last week but now he's fit to face barcelona with his great form.Cristian Rodriguez will miss the match tomorrow.He's still injured and it will take time to recover.Adrian is fit and will play.Last time when they played barcelona beated Atletico with 2-1.

Manchester United is our main target,Chelsea

Rafael Benitez wants to target Manchester united and Manchester city.He wants his key players to regain their forms and play with consistency against the both manchester giants.Rafel believes that beating these two teams will be great boost for us and it will make us a solid contender of premier league title.For Fernando torres he said,Torres is facing the worst time of his career but still he has the ability to perform against any big club.

Manchester united is 16 points ahead of chelsea but Rafael is confident.He said fans and critics will see a different chelsea side in the second half of league.Chelsea will face brazilian club Corinthians on saturday in a FIFA club world cup match.Rafael specially wants senior players to regain their forms beacuse chelsea totally depends on their experiences.

People criticised Rafael benitez and said that it's a two horse race and chelsea isn't a solid contender for the premier league title.Chelsea has a history of performing well in both halfs of the league but nobody knows when and how they will prove themselves as a serious contender for the title.Their senior players aren't in great touch and consistency is very far from them right now.

Rafael said, right now every side in the league is beatable and it's not easy for them to run away with the title.If we win our next three league games then you will see a different points table and i can assure you that we have that kind of ability.Against Monterrey we played on our complete potential and dominated the game from the begining.

Manchester city is one of the bigger threats for chelsea,whenever they play it's a thrilling and attacking match for everyone.Manchester city's attacking force is a straight threat for chelsea defenders.Defenders will need to work on their defending skills and should utilize them throughout the match if they want to survive against manchester city.

14 Dec 2012

Lionel Messi's Record Is Fake

Lionel Messi reached his 86th goal of the season last sunday but now it is reused by FIFA officials.Messi broked the record of Ger Muller which was 85 goals in a single season.Now few clubs are claiming that some of their legends still holds the record.Zambian FA has shown some evidences and claimed that their striker Godfrey Chitalu holds the record with 107 goals which he scored in 1972.

Brazilian club Flamengo is also claiming this record.They said that their former legend Zico still holds the record with 89 goals.He achieved that milestone in 1972.FIFA officials are still silent.They are analyzing the evidences which were provided by both the clubs.An official statement is yet to come from FIFA officials.

Rumors says that FIFA has decided to stay away from the matter and will not interfere.They think that it's very hard to analyze the evidences because they don't have the actual facts and figures.They say it is not a official FIFA record so that's why we don't want be involved in the matter.FIFA doesn't maintains the domestic league records of any country.

Alex stone who is fifa's spokesman told the media that since the day one of our formation we don't keep the records of every football game played in every country.He defended fifa by saying that we're not being bias to anyone and we will not be.We like to keep the records but only according to our policies and rules.

Fans and media wants to see these kind of records but it's tough to say who is correct.He also confirmed that according to our rules we will not announce messi's name as the record holder of most goals in a single season.It was media who started collecting the facts and figures and now it's their duty to prove that which player is the legal record holder of mos goals in a season.Messi has scored 88 goals so far and have two more games to break Zico's record of 89 goals but Chitalu's record will remain unbroken.

10 Dec 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer News

Cristiano Rolando will leave Real madrid very soon and he has confirmed it.He can sign up for Manchester united.He is looking to leave the club in the upcoming summer,according to spanish media.When the news came out,Real madrid's president Florentino Perez got shocked because if C Ronaldo leave the club it will be a blow for him.It can be very harmful for his upcoming elections.

The tensions between Ronaldo and Madrid were raised in september, when he refused to celeberate the two goals which he scored against Granada.Ronaldo said, I'm unhappy with my club and because of some professional issues.Ronaldo believes that even fans support is not enough here for me, specially when it comes to awards.Spanish publication Marca has claimed that the Real madrid's president will try to solve these issues.

Real Madrid wants to extend Ronaldo's contract beyond 2015.Which is now looking almost impossible for them.Real Madrid is behind to Barcelona with 11 points in La Liga and rumors are also suggesting that even Jose Mourinho will leave Real Madrid in summer.Nothing is looking good or in favour of Real Madrid.Ronaldo was transfered from Manchester united to Real Madrid with a record transfer of 80 million euros.

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that they can't affoard Ronaldo's fee and even the transfer fee beacuse now he's "unbuyable" for us.He also said, that Real madrid will not reduce the transfer fee and they are expecting more than 80 million for Ronaldo which impossible for our budget to affoard.Manchester City , Paris St - Germain and Anzhi Makhachkala are those clubs who can buy Ronaldo easily any time.

Manchester City will bid for Ronaldo and there are rumors that Ronaldo is considering Man City's transfer.Paris St-Germain is looking to bid for Ronaldo with 100 million euros.But Ronaldo wants to join a big club and that's a good news for Manchester City.

Manchester United Wins The Manchester Derby

It was a classic derby match where two premier league giants met
yesterday.Manchester united won the match with 3-2.It is the most important match for them when they face manchester city.Everything happened in the match.Frustrations of the players,poor refree decisions and many more things.Overall it was a true derby which ended in favour of manchester united.

Robin van persie will never forget his first manchester derby.He scored the decider goal of the match in the extra time with a swinging free kick which was coming straight to the goalkeeper joe hart but samir nasri who was a part of wall,intercepted the free kick by pulling his leg and it costed them as the decider goal of the match.Manchester united in now 6 points ahead of manchester city.

Manchester united dominated the first half with 2-0.Both goals were scored by wayne rooney,who was under criticism from quite a while.In the second half manchester city came back very strongly and equalized the score.Yaya Toure scored the first one by taking a low shot which went straight into the goal.Defender Zabaleta scored the second goal which was very placed by him.

Mario Balotelli disappointed the fans and the manager.Roberto Mancini called him off early in the second half.Poor refree decisions helped manchester united alot.Some clear penalties were not given by the refree.Mario Balotelli was replaced by Eden dzeko but he didn't get the chances to show his class.Second half was completely dominated by manchester city.

Manchester City's unbeaten run at home ended with a defeat by manchester united which is almost impossible to accept for the fans.When the decider goal was scored and man united's players started to celebrate then Rio ferdinand was hit by a fan right on his forehead.The fan hitted him so hard that ferdinand started bleeding and then he was taken off.This classic manchester derby ended with a manchester united vicotry.

8 Dec 2012

Real Madrid wins,Mesut Ozil scored twice

Real Madrid madrid gains another three points in La Liga by beating Valladolid with 3-2.This victory was not so easy for the madrid boys.Valladolid performed really well and got the lead very early in the match.Valladolid's striker Manucho scored the first goal but they didn't kept lead for so long.Real Madrid replied very quickly and scored the equalizer goal.Mesut Ozil assisted Karim Benezma and he took the chance by a easy finish.

Mesut Ozil not only assisted the first goal but he also scroed twice last night.Ozil took a amazing free kick and that free kick proved to be the decider on 71 minutes.Manucho is a former manchester united player.For villadolid he scored their two goals but they wasn't enough to keep down real madrid.Barcelona will be facing real betis on sunday.

As always the mystery manager jose mourinho surprised everyone by not attending the press confress even after a great win.He sent his assistant coach Aitor karanka.Press praised real madrid's performance in thrilling match.Ozil played really well and now it's very important for him and us that he should keep this kind of form.His form means alot for real madrid becuse his playing position is a very effective position where every player not only creates moments but also have to score.

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to create moments for him but it didn't worked out for him.He took some shots on target but the bar stopped it and goalkeeper dani hernandez also saved his one shot on the target which was very close.On the 7th minute villadolid started their first attack and finished it successfully.Madrid defender pepe cleared a cross but gave a corner to villadolid which resulted as the second goal for manucho.Cristiano Ronaldo tried but it wasn't his but it was ozil's.Ozil scored twic and assisted a goal for benzema.This victory was tough for real madrid.

6 Dec 2012

Lionel Messi Gets injured, May be Out for Months

Superstar Lionel Messi said, he is feeling much better after his left knee clash on wednesday in the champions league.Reports says that he will recover very soon.He got his knee injured against Benfica but there are doubts on his selection against Real Betis on sunday's La Liga match.Messi got smashed with Benfica goalkeeper Artur in the group G match at Nou Camp.Match was drawn and messi was taken off on a stretcher.

Messi's terrific form goes on and on this year also by leading every top scorer chart of the this years season.He said, i felt the worst pain of my life and i was thinking that it will not allow me to take part in any compitition for my team.Actually i felt that i'm out for number months.Barcelona ended up their group as winners and dominated every team of their group.

You can imagine messi's passion for football by watching his firing shot to the goal which was saved on the goal line by the goalkeeper.Messi said, i took that shot beacuse it might be my last shot before getting on the pitch again.According to the medical reports he's out of danger and feeling much better.It was just a blow but nohting is very serious.

Messi showed trust on hsi fellow player saying, i don't know if i'll be playing or not on sunday but you'll not miss me because we have many terrific players in the side.They are trust worthy and dependable.Last time Atletico Madrid's Tomas Ujfalusi forced him to take rest for two matches by damaging his ankle in september 2010 .

Barca's coach Tito Vilanova gave answers to critics by saying that i will defend my decision to play messi whenever i want him to play.Messi himself doesn't wants to leave any match for barca and his passion for barca can't be compared with any other player.Messi cleared his intentions and said i wasn't dying to break the record of former German striker which is 85 goals in a single season.

5 Dec 2012

Manchester United vs Manchester City

Manchester City wants to punish Manchester united in their clash at the weekend.Manchester City is eliminated from the champions league race, so now they have complete focus on premier league and specially on manchester united.Manchester is keen to break the shaky defence of manchester united and will be at the top of points table if they beat their rivals.

Manchester United will visit their rivals at Etihad Stadium and it might prove to be a title decider.Manchester city finished their group at the bottom position in the first round of champions league.Even man city was unable to qualify for the europa league.Man City manager Roberto Mancini said, because of early exit from chmapions league we can give our complete focus on the premier title.

Mancini's squad is now free from the distractions of champions league.Man city is the only team in premier league who is unbeaten so far and as far as fans are concerned they just love to win premier league title and wants to thrash their rivals manchester united everytime they meet.Manchester United is at the top of points table currently.

Manchester United has faced three losses in the league but they're still leading the points table.Man City is three points short from manchester united.Both manchester teams are dominating every threat from their rivals.Chelsea , Tottenham , West Bromwich, all are on 26 points.Chelsea signed Rafael Benetiz as their new manager but so far he's also a disappointment for them.

Sir Alex Ferguson is deeply concerned with his side's foolish and comical defence.It can be a very dangerous problem to have in the defence against the attacking force of their rivals.Manchester city will take every possible chance of scoring if manchester united repeats their defensive mistakes.Man united have conceded 32 goals in all competitions and it is their worst record of the decade.

Manchester city's David Silva isn't fit for the derby match but his selection is not confirmed yet.He's having a hamstring injury.Joleon Lescott is called up to join the defence with Vincent Kompany.Mancini is hoping that his defence will be a threat to Van persie who is already a threat for us.Manchester United lost to Manchester City in their last clash with 6-1.

Cristiano Ronaldo Shines, Real Madrid wins

Cristiano Ronaldo shines again and helped real madrid to win their last group match against Ajax last night.Real Madrid won the with 4-1.Paris Saint Germain and Schalke topped in their groups on tuesday night.Cristiano Ronaldo scored his sixth goal, which makes him the leader of top scorers in the champions league.In other matches snow became the problem but those teams were already qualified for the next stage of 16 teams.

Kaka also played and scored for madrid last night and was praised for his performance and improved form in La Liga.Borussia Dortmund topped the group and beated Macnhester City with 1-0.Borussia Dortmund performed brilliantly in the group stages and gave tough time to every threat in their group.Manchester City's champions leagues ended last night without even a single win for them.

Barclone will show up tonight in their last group match of champions league.AC Milan lost their game at home to Zenit St.Petersburg with 1-0.There are rumors that real madrid and ac milan are expected to meet at the knockout stages.Group teams and teams form home countries can't clash in the next round according to the rules.

Jose Mourinho is expecting february as a very tough month and he wants to face a tough team in the next round,who should be a topper of their group.But rumors suggests that real madrid is going to face a weak team in the next round.He said it doesn't mean anything to me that we didn't topped in our group, I always want to win but with qualifying win.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a nice and easy finish to score the first goal of the match, which was created by Luka Modric and assisted by Karim Benzema.Benzema's cross pass gave enough time for ronaldo to score the goal in 13th minute.Modric assisted Callejon for his first goal but Callejon doubled his score in 88th minute.After a long time, Kaka showed his class and took a left foot shot from 25 yards in the 49th minute to score his single goal of the match.

3 Dec 2012

Neymar Can Sign For Manchester City

Neymar, The brazilian future star has been awarded with probably biggest achievement of his career.After finishing his this years season he received the most precious award in brazilian soccer culture.He is the first player after the legend Pele to achieve that milestone and he's the younger one also.

He started his career at Santos and still playing for them.Neymar continued his great form and maintained it throughout the whole season.He scored 42 goals in 47 appearences.He's very much like lionel messi because both of them maintains their scroing ratio in every season.That's why he's often compared with messi and ronaldo and he absolutely deserved it.

Neymar has been declared the first player after Pele who acheived this honour in 1970.Ronaldinho, the former superstar presented him the award.Ronaldinho also won this award.He gave a speech very short speech to Neymar.Ronaldinho said i was expecting you to win this award and you deserved it.After accepting the award,neymar seem to be confused or was unable to express his his feelings.

Neymar just shared a few words saying, this is what we footballers love to achieve more than anything else.I never expected to win this award at the start of my career.He thanked everyone and said, receiving this medal from my ideal player makes me so much proud and i will never forget his moment of my career.

This presentation took place at the silver ball ceremony.Which is celeberated every year.Many big clubs are targeting Neymar for transfer season in january and may be he will move this time to another cluh which will help him to be a biggger star in every aspect of the game.Neymar also won the 'Chuteira de Ouro' award for scoring and topped with 56 goals in the 2012 brazilian season.

2 Dec 2012

Barcelona's Record

Barcelona thrashed Athletic Bilbao by 5-1 and created a new record for the best ever start in a season.Lionel messi is also getting closer to acheive anohter milestone in his career, which is for the top individual scorer in a season.So far he has scored 84 goals.Barcelona is clearly ahead of Real Madrid in points table with 11 points.

Real Madrid is the defending champion of the domestic cup.They eliminated Atletico with 2-0.Barcelona breaks Real Madrid's record with 13 straight wins and a draw whhich was set in 1991-92 season.Barca coach Tito Vilanova said, we're proud of our achievement and i know player better than anyone and i know still we have to improve our few things.

Barca defender Gerard Pique gave them the lead in the 22nd minute and suddenly messi scored his first goal of the match.Third goal was scored by one of barca's emerging midfielder Adriano just before the half time.Adriano's goal was scored in a true barca's classic style.It was assisted by Xavi.Fabregas scored the fourth goal with a powerful shot.

Score was 4-1 and it didn't took so long for messi to score the fifth goal.He's just one goal behind from Muller's record of 85 goals in a single season.He was playing for Bayern Munich when he set his record in 1972.Andres Iniesta was just short to score his goal but Gorka Iraizoz saved it comfrotably.

This year barcelona is looking qutie aggressive and has scored very quickly in some games,keeping their classic style of play.They are well ahead of their rivals in the points table but some technical issues should be solved or improved to retain their lead.Messi as always performing so well this year for barcelona.while Ronaldo is having some issues with his staff and team members.

David Villa's future can take a twist in upcoming transfer session this year.No one knows what he's thingking right now but their are hints that he might leave barcelona in january because he's not and said that he's not given the proper chance to perform.So there are rumors regarding his transfer news,which is a good news for many other big clubs who are interested in him.

28 Nov 2012

David Villa Reaches 300 Career Goals

David Villa reaches 300 careers goals by netting twice against Alaves on Wednesday.David Villa socred with a beautiful free kick in the 56th minute at Nou Camp.Barcelona qualified easily and eliminated Alaves on wednesday.Barca came from behind and won the game with the score of 3-1.David Villa shines again for barca and won the game for his club.Now barca will face the second division team Cordoba.Manager Tito Vilanova wanted the injured players to get used to pitch quickly, so those who recovered recenlty from their injuries were given the chance to play and he rested some of the regular players including Messi,Xavi,Iniesta,Busquets and Victor Valdes.Barcelona also won first leg against Alaves last month convincingly with the score of 3-0.Tello assisted David Villa.Score was equal at the end of the first half, after the break villa scored twice which ensured their win.David Villa has scored 40 times for Barcelona since he joined from Valencia in 2009-10 season.During the club world cup in last december Villa got injured after breaking his leg.David  Villa is one of the most talented and God gifted players in the world.He was under the consideration of many big clubs like, manchester United,Manchester City,Real Madrid,AC Milan and many others, but he selected Barcelona as the right place for him and stating that he always wanted to be a part of this legendry club and now he's very glad to see that even barca also showed interest in signing him as their main striker in the forward line-up with a great like Lionel Messi.

If we look at the most successful people and organizations or in any other field in the world, we will see that all of them are still successful just because of their consistency and consistent hard work.As far as footballer are concerned their career and stardom totally depends on their consistency but those who stopped working on their skills and vision are nothing today than just a common footballer of a average club.David Villa is a perfect example for all the strikers, that how to stay fit and perform on consistent basis.Even Barcelona's attacking force looks quite weak if they don't have Villa in the starting line-up for them.

27 Nov 2012

Wayne Rooney Can Perform In The World Cup ?

Wayne Rooney is a vital player for both Manchester United and England, but he has been very disappointing for the National team.No one can challenge his abilities but what's the point of those abilities when they don't come out at the bigger or tougher level of the game ? In this season he's again busy playing as a midfield player, he's just given the job to perform as a midfielder by Sir Alex Ferguson, which received so much criticism from both the fans and critics.Using Wayne Rooney as a midfielder shows that how much Sir ALex Ferguson is confused in the current season.Rooney hasn't scored to his potential in this season so far.Javier Harnendez is given the job to score as the main striker, but we have seen many times that his limited scoring abilities fails everytime, when he's playing against a tough opponent.Manchester United's other young strikers are still working hard to make themselves as a first choice player.So it's quite easy to understand what changes Sir Alex Ferguson should made for his side.Playing Rooney more as a midfielder has shown us that how much it started to cost Man United since the last season of premier league.England's national coach is also recently signed, So it's obvious that he'll also need time to work on rooney.Wayne himself should realize his problems and tell his coaches to help him by giving the right position to play on field if they want results from him.Roy Hodgson feels rooney kows he has to do alot better than this and admits that he has things to improve in his game.Roy also said that clubs are not helping the national team of England because youngsters are showing their interest in the Premier League rather than the Football World Cup.

Manchester City expects improvement at Wigan

Roberto Mancini wants his striking force to attack according to their skills, like last Season, when they made it possible for Man city to win the premier title after 1968.Man City will travel to wigan's home ground on wednesday.It's quite alarming for Man City to get themselves in a better shape in all departments because Chelsea Fc is looking qutie impressive since Rafael Benitez has decided to manage Chelsea Fc.Chelsea's defending was very good against Man City.Attacking force of Man City can't be compared with any of their rivals, because it includes Mario Balotelli,Carlos Tevez,Edin Dzeko and Sapinish Sergio Aguero.Mancini rates Manchester United as a bigger threat among all rivals.Last time when they Played at Old Trafford, City thrashed Manchester United with the score of 6-1.

Edin Dzeko and Carlos Tevez has scored 6 goals so far.While Sergio Aguero scored 5 times.Unfortunately City is out of this years Champions League.Mancini said i have the most dangerous strikers but they should work hard and realize their responsbilities to take a comprehensive lead in the point table.He also that i am not happy with our position in right now because we deserve to be at the top.But he's very Joe Hart's performance.Mancini describes Mario Balotelli  as a complete striker with his amazing additional Striking skills, but he needs to understand his problems and try to solve them because it's his ego which is quite dangerous for his own career and futre clubs.For Tevez he said, he's also a brilliant player but he can do better than this.He's a senior striker that's why he also supports his fellows Strikers as middle player with accurate passes.

Mancini believes with their current form they don't feel any threat from any of the weak teams except the top clubs.He said chelsea and Man utd can defeat them for the title race.As far as Man united is concerned, Mancini said I feel they are weak in denfence and we have the edge of better attack which can beat their defence with Consistent attacks.They also lack experience in defence.For Chelsea he said they also have some problems in defence but their attack can provide them the lead any time in the game, which we have to look after.

26 Nov 2012

Lionel Messi Scored his 82nd Goal last night

Barcelona won the match against Levante 4-0 las night and gained three points very easily.Last night's win confirms that they will stay on top until next week.Leo Messi scored twice, both goals were assisted by Andres Iniesta.Iniesta himself took his chance and shot once at the target.Fourth goal was scored by Cesc Fabregas which was another assist by Magical Andres Iniesta.Leo Messi Scored his 82nd goal of the Season, now he's just three goals short of German player Gerd Muellers, who scored 85 times 1972 in a single season.Messi is also leading the individual score chart with 19 Goals.Atletico is performing very well this Season and gains the second position in points table ahead of Real Madrid.But Atletico's coach said it's too early to say that who will win the La Liga title.Barcelona increased the difference between them and Real Madrid to 11 points last night.Xavi Hernandez is very impressed by strategic plans of Louis van Gaal.Xavi said it is very satisfied performance of our Coaches for our youth system.He also said that me and Carlos Puyol are playing together since the begining of our careers and we're satistied with the clubs future because of the great work of our Coaches in the youth System.

Jose Maria missed a chance missed in the opening of last night's game.Victor Valdes saved the goal in 12th minute of the  game.Barcelona reacted within 10 minutes and messi attacked with his low hit, then Xavi also tried his luck.Fisrts period of the match went quite well for Levante.Defenders did their job in the first half.In the second half Iniesta showed his class again by assisting Leo Messi.It took only 5 minutes to Messi and Iniesta to score again.Again 5 minutes were enough for scoring but this time it was Iniesta himself.Cesc Fabregas scored the fourth goal of the match, which was also a assist from Andres Iniesta.Consistency of Iniesta was a major fact in the last night's win for Barcelona.Victor Valdes made a double save for his team including a penalty in the last few minutes of the game.

25 Nov 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Sir Alex Ferguson

Ronaldo who was a Manchester United's former hero, wasn't welcomed by his former Town.Fans did everything to get him nervous in midweek.Ronaldo admitted that he's still interested in English Football and always keeps a close eye on Premier League.According to Ronaldo's statements, There are hints that he will return to Premier League and as far as this Season is concerned, Man utd really needs a star who can play in Middle and can attack also to support Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie.Ronaldo and Alex Ferguson met on Wednesday but they denied that they were discussing on Ronaldo's return to Man Utd.Ronaldo played a major role on Wednesday to knockout Man City from Champions League.Ronaldo also said that i still like to watch Premier League and in my opinion it is the best league in the world.Premier League is full of brilliant players and it's really tough to win Premier League title ahead of La Liga.In premier league there are 3 or 4 teams who are always considered as the contenders for the league title and that's why it is better than La Liga in my Opinion.He also said, I think United can win the title this year because man city is facing some technical issues in their defence this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed that Sir Alex Ferguson also met his current manager Jose Mourinho at Lowry Hotel before the match.Sir Alex Ferguson feels it will be a very expensive deal to get Ronaldo back at the Old Trafford but I wish to sign him again on this Christmas.It is very true that Ronaldo can leave Real Madrid in upcoming transfer season.At the airport fans gave him a very warm welcome and he loved to see that still fans love and respect him.Ronaldo said Sir ALex made me a complete player and i can never forget whatever he has done for me to become a Top Football Star.Cristinao Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2009 but there are chances and hints that he can return to Old trafford this season.

24 Nov 2012

Manchester United Match Preview

Manchester United will face a managerless QPR at Old Trafford on Saturday after ex-United legend Mark Hughes was sacked during the week. The Reds are looking to bounce back to winning ways following their 1-0 defeat to Norwich last weekend and with all United’s big guns returning, Sir Alex Ferguson will be hoepful that normal service will be resumed at Old Trafford today.United have had many classic encounters with QPR over the years both home and away. Loftus Road in the early Premier League years always provided a classic football match including two 3-2 thrillers and wonder goal from Ryan Giggs Watch Video. Many United fans will never forget the hammering that QPR dished out to the Reds exactly 20 years ago on New Years Day. Four wins and a draw over the Christmas period saw Sir Alex Ferguson lift the manager of the month award, only for Dennis Bailey to fire in a hat-trick for the hoops in a 4-1 scoreline at Old Trafford.Sir Alex Ferguson will restore most of his big guns to the starting line-up after resting them in midweek.Anders Lindegaard should resume in goal with Ferdinand and Smalling starting in front of him. Rafael and Evra will start in the fullback positions with Jones and Buttner available as cover. Vidic and Evans are still unavailable through injury.

United could see Paul Scholes restored to the line-up after missing out in midweek. He could partner either Anderson, Carrick or Cleverley in the centre. Young and Valencia should start on the wings in a 4-4-2 formation. Giggs and Fletcher are also available, Kagawa is still out through injury.The Reds will see Wayne Rooney return to their line-up and he will partner Robin van Persie in attack.Hernandez and Welbeck are also available.United have won 10 and lost none of the last 13 matches in all competitions against QPR.QPR had the last player to score a league hat-trick at Old Trafford Dennis Bailey 4-1 January 1992.Rooney was first goalscorer in both games against QPR last season.Scholes has scored three goals in three Premier League games against QPR.QPR have taken just three points from the last 57 available in Premier League away matches (W0 D3 L16).United have won 12 and lost just one of their last 14 Premier League games at Old Trafford; a run that includes a 2-0 win over QPR.The Reds are yet to draw a game this season, only four teams in Premier League history have drawn none of their opening 13 games.United have the best conversion rate in the Premier League this season, scoring with 19.4%, while QPR have the lowest 7.6%.

Fernando Torres Needs More Support

Rafael Benitez has refused to blame Fernando Torres for his awful form at Chelsea and suggested his team-mates needed to create more chances for the shot-shy striker.Benitez leapt to the defence of the man he made one of the best players in the world and who has been branded a £50million flop since leaving Liverpool for Stamford Bridge. Torres has now seen three Chelsea managers come and go who failed to get him scoring regularly, with Roman Abramovich this week turning to Benitez in a bid to restore the value of his prize asset.Benitez appeared confident of doing so, saying it would be "easy" to deal with Torres compared to Chelsea's other players because of the duo's previous relationship at Anfield. He said: "Football is a sport you play with 11 players and sometimes you pinpoint one. But if the striker's not scoring too many, the rest of the team have to maybe create more chances for him.He added: My idea isn't just to improve Fernando, but the team. I can't just focus on him. We have a lot of tremendous players. We'll need others to score goals.

Benitez could have been Carlo Ancelotti, Andre Villas-Boas or Roberto Di Matteo at that moment, all of whom repeatedly stood up for Torres before eventually losing faith in him.He added of the man who has found the net just 19 times in 87 appearances: You don't need too much time talking with Fernando. I know him, but he knows me and what we're looking for. I have to spend more time with the others. Fernando is easy. You say, 'You have to do this'. [He says] 'Okay'.It appears unthinkable Benitez will not recall Torres for Sunday's top-of-the-table Barclays Premier League clash with Manchester City after Di Matteo finally axed the striker for Tuesday's fateful Champions League defeat at Juventus.He is trying his best, like the others," Benitez said. "He knows what I want and he is trying to do this.Torres took no time at all to start scoring for Benitez at Liverpool following his £20million arrival from Atletico Madrid five years ago.Benitez admitted the "balance" of his midfield back then allowed Torres to do very well but denied he deliberately built his team around the striker. He added: I wasn't creating everything for Fernando. It's just what happened.

23 Nov 2012

Chelsea welcomes Rafael Benitez

Benitez was given just three days to pick the European champions up from Tuesday’s fateful defeat at Juventus ahead of Sunday’s top-of-the-table Barclays Premier League clash with Manchester City.But the former Liverpool boss, controversially appointed interim Blues manager on Wednesday night, declared he had already spotted flaws that might explain Chelsea’s recent slump during his first training session at their Cobham headquarters yesterday.And the 52-year-old had no qualms discussing them with his new players, whose confidence has been dented by a run of only two wins in eight matches that saw them slip from first to third in the league and to the brink of crashing out of the Champions League.Benitez said: 'We didn’t talk about the Champions League or the next game but about little things I saw and we could improve a bit, and things they were doing well, which Roberto Di Matteo was doing.All the talk at Benitez’s unveiling yesterday was about his relationship with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich - who he met for the first time over dinner last night - and the club’s fans.But the Spaniard must also win over a squad who appeared fully behind Di Matteo, the man who somehow managed to inspire them to Champions League and FA Cup glory in the wake of the Andre Villas-Boas regime before being unceremoniously sacked on Wednesday morning.

Benitez said: 'I’m sure they will be pleased like they were with Di Matteo who, by the way, was doing a great job.Chelsea started the season like champions-elect but injuries, suspensions, a lack of tactical flexibility and off-field scandals have cast doubt on the overall strength of the squad.Benitez said: 'It’s a good squad, a good team. If I’m here, it’s because I think we can win with them.If we can improve by training hard, we will.Benitez revealed he would look to Chelsea’s big-name players to help him get their season back on track.In a top side, normally, there will be some important players, some who have more influence,' he said. 'I spoke with Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Fernando.With a contract only until the end of the season - fuelling speculation he is only keeping the manager’s seat warm for Pep Guardiola.Benitez is unlikely to have much influence on transfers in January.The Spaniard appeared to accept he would not enjoy the same control as he did during his six years at Liverpool.

Real Madrid, Barcelona Upcoming Fixtures

Barca make the trip to the city of Valencia on Sunday boosted by the news that midfielder Xavi is close to renewing his contract.The 32-year-old Spain midfielder has spent his entire career at the Nou Camp, and his calm authority in possession has made him one of the linchpins of the Catalan club's success over the last decade.He has been key in Barca's excellent start to the new campaign under Tito Villanova; they are through to the last 16 of the Champions League after their midweek win over Spartak Moscow and sit three points clear at the top of La Liga.And Xavi wants to see out his career at his boyhood club.During a question and answer session through the club's official Twitter feed, Xavi said: "I hope to be here for many years. I feel great physically, I've recovered totally from those niggling injuries.Barca are making an effort for me to stay and I'm making an effort too. It's my greatest desire to be able to retire here.There have been difficult moments but I hope to continue here and renew my contract soon.While Barca are top of the table, bitter rivals Real Madrid are eight points adrift in third place.The defending champions travel to face seventh-placed Betis on Saturday, and left-back Alex Martinez is planning a hot reception for Jose Mourinho's men, as Pepe Mel's side look to bounce back from a 5-1 defeat to Sevilla.He said: "Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world, we have to go out with attitude that was missing on Sunday.We are playing in our house and gives us an equal chance whoever comes here.

In the weekend's other fixtures, second-placed Atletico Madrid entertain Sevilla while fifth-placed Malaga play host to Valencia.Athletic Bilbao will look to try and put rumours of a strained relationship between the club and striker Fernando Llorente behind them when they meet Deportivo La Coruna.Llorente and president Josu Urrutia have reportedly been feuding since the player refused to sign a new contract during the summer.The club also caused a stir by saying Llorente had refused to attend a media conference this week, while the striker insisted he had been doing a TV interview and could not attend.Bottom club Espanyol play host to mid-table Getafe, with fellow strugglers Osasuna on the road at Real Sociedad.Granada travel to Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano meet Mallorca and Real Zaragoza face Celta Vigo.

22 Nov 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari Crashed

Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari after it was crashed on the A538 near Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 2009. The listing says the car can be repaired.A battered Ferrari crashed by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo when he played for Manchester United was put up for auction online yesterday.The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 totaled after the now-Real Madrid player careened into a roadside barrier in Manchester in January 2009 was listed on eBay with a starting price of $64,380.Spanish newspaper ABC reports that it comes with 1,925 miles on the clock and various documents with the name of the 27-year-old Portuguese striker on them.A brand-new edition of the car would cost $321,900. It is being offered at the low price, by a professional scrap dealer from Duppigheim in the east of France because of its poor condition.But, according to the listing, it is certainly repairable.Bizarrely, the listing was taken down from the site early this morning after Spanish, French and Portuguese media reported on its sale.It prompted speculation on Twitter that it could return online later this week with a much higher initial sale price.

The Ferrari soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo smashed up has 1,925 miles on it.According to the website, the car was sold to the French dealer by another salesman in Portugal earlier this month.Ronaldo destroyed the front of the vehicle when it hit a roadside barrier under a tunnel near Manchester Airport in January 2009.Ronaldo demolished the front of the high-performance vehicle when it hit a roadside barrier under a tunnel near Manchester Airport in January 2009.The then-FIFA World Player of the Year escaped uninjured and spoke to officers at the scene before making his way to Manchester United's training ground near Sale.After investigating the incident and interviewing Ronaldo, who also provided a written statement following the smash, police decided not to take action against him.

21 Nov 2012

Manchester United's Unbeaten Run Ends

Galatasaray 1 Manchester United 0: Sir Alex Ferguson could see the positives from last night’s defeat in Galatasaray, after the early success of Manchester United’s Champions League campaign. The result made no difference to United’s progress or position. They have already ensured first place in Group H, having won their first four matches.So Ferguson left almost all of his senior players in Manchester last night, including strikers Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney, and veterans Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.It was a perfect opportunity, then, for Sir Alex Ferguson to give some of his younger players a taste of the unique atmosphere of the Turk Telecom Arena. Nick Powell made his first start for United at the tip of Ferguson’s diamond midfield. The only slightly older Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck started too, with Phil Jones making his first appearance of the season.United, ultimately, were outmuscled by a Galatasaray side with much more to play for. Buruk Yilmaz leaped highest to head in a corner kick early in the second half but the hosts had the better of the chances.Ferguson, though, was pleased with how his players performed.The tempo was good, the crowd never affected them, the possession was good as was the attacking play without finishing them off. We had good opportunities in both halves. I thought we handled it ok.

Certainly this game had more resting on it for Galatasaray than it did for Manchester United, as they hoped to finish second ahead of CFR Cluj or Braga. So they started at a fierce pace, with Felipe Melo and Semih Kaya jumping into tackles which they were fortunate to stay on the pitch for. Their best chance was a Burak Yilmaz header from a free-kick which flew over the bar.United did play with nous and intelligence. Welbeck was their most impressive player, running the channels, holding up the ball and taking on defenders with regular success. A corner kick which he won just before the break was taken by Cleverly and headed onto the bar by Powell.

But it was a corner kick for Galatasaray which brought the opening goal. The hosts started the second half with as much energy as they did the first but more precision. Anders Lindegaard had to save twice before the decisive corner. Selcuk Inan swung the ball in and Yilmaz rose highest and headed the ball over Rafael and into the net.Jones admitted United should have kept it out. “We should have switched on, it does happen” said the young defender. “We got punished, it just wasn’t our night.Galatasaray, once ahead, were roared forward by their magnificent support. The game opened up, though, and United did have some chances through Welbeck and Javier Hernandez.United could not equalise, but this was certainly not as dispiriting as Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at Norwich.I thought we played extremely well,said Darren Fletcher. All the young players who played tonight did fantastic. To play in an atmosphere like this will put them in good stead for the future.

19 Nov 2012

Lionel Messi on another milestone

Messi’s contributions not only helped Barcelona maintain its unbeaten start to the Spanish league season – his two goals setting up last Saturday’s 3-1 victory over Real Zaragoza – but also propelled him to within seven goals of matching Gerd Muller’s world record for goals in a calendar year.Muller, the great striker who won a World Cup, European Championship and four West German titles during his career with West Germany and Bayern Munich, scored 85 goals in 1972. Messi, with a maximum of eight matches left in 2012, has 78.Barcelona takes on Spartak Moscow on Tuesday in European Champions League play.Messi’s most recent strikes were typical Messi goals, if there is such a thing for a player with such a broad range of skills and few obvious flaws.

The first came after he exchanged passes with teammate Jordi Alba before taking a perfect touch and almost casually clipping the ball into the net. For his second, which came after assisting Alex Song on Barcelona’s second goal, Messi made a difficult skill look simple, curling the ball into the net from 20 yards to leave the Zaragoza goalkeeper, Roberto Jimenez, with no chance of making a save.As Messi, the 25-year-old Argentina forward, closes on Muller’s record, it is fair to ask whose achievement is greater?In terms of the number of games needed to reach the milestone, Messi – whose appearance last Saturday was his 61st of the year  has already exceeded Muller’s 60 matches from 1972.If Messi requires until his final match – a league game at Real Valladolid on Dec. 22 – to break Muller’s record, it will have taken him nine more matches to surpass Muller, who was also in his mid-20s when he set the mark.

But it is not as straightforward as suggesting the number of appearances alone prove Muller’s achievement was the more impressive, particularly because 12 of his goals in 1972 came in five games in an obscure and short-lived competition, the DFB-Ligapokal (German League Cup).With the Olympic Games in Munich that year, the start of the 1972-73 Bundesliga season was delayed until mid-September, so the league cup was created to fill the gap and provide teams with competitive matches to help generate income.Bayern Munich did not initially take the competition seriously, sending out a weaker team in its opening match, with most of the team’s superstars – Muller included – absent. This enraged a crowd of 10,000, who had paid to watch Bayern’s celebrated first-team players. A photographer even filed a fraud lawsuit against the club.Messi has already smashed Muller’s record of 67 goals in a single European season – scoring 73 times during the 2011-12 season. He is also Barcelona’s career scoring leader.But with eight more goals in his final eight games, Messi can achieve perhaps the ultimate goal-scoring feat.