21 Dec 2012

Facebook will now charge users $1 per message

Facebook decides to charge their users for certain types of messages.This action is taken for the improvement in company's revenue and profit.Currently facebook is working on it to make it profitable and if it is approved then it will be a great additional source of earning for Facebook.

So far their messaging system is sending the most relevant messages.These messages includes every facebook user.They are dividng messaging folder.Spam messages will be shown in another folder.All these features are still under testing process.They said currently we're just doing few tests to find out how much it can be financial for us.

In the starting they will charge very few people to send messages to their facebook friends.Users will be charged for the Inbox messages and for receiving messages also.A single message will cost users $1 per message.It might decrease the amount of facebook users and surely it will be a harmful risk if they approve this experiment.

Facebook is taking this decision as a useful addition to their features.They said,it will allow users to send a message to somone they're not friends with.Even it can be helpful for you about sending a message for a job opportunity.Facebook is under pressure and still they're receiving criticism from the media and press for their methods of generating revenue.

This message service is similar to Inmail service of linkedin corp.Both of these professional networks are rivals these days.Facebook also announced some other features for the future which are under testing process and can be released in a few months.Facebook will now charge those merchants who used run offers on their social network.

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