2 Dec 2012

Barcelona's Record

Barcelona thrashed Athletic Bilbao by 5-1 and created a new record for the best ever start in a season.Lionel messi is also getting closer to acheive anohter milestone in his career, which is for the top individual scorer in a season.So far he has scored 84 goals.Barcelona is clearly ahead of Real Madrid in points table with 11 points.

Real Madrid is the defending champion of the domestic cup.They eliminated Atletico with 2-0.Barcelona breaks Real Madrid's record with 13 straight wins and a draw whhich was set in 1991-92 season.Barca coach Tito Vilanova said, we're proud of our achievement and i know player better than anyone and i know still we have to improve our few things.

Barca defender Gerard Pique gave them the lead in the 22nd minute and suddenly messi scored his first goal of the match.Third goal was scored by one of barca's emerging midfielder Adriano just before the half time.Adriano's goal was scored in a true barca's classic style.It was assisted by Xavi.Fabregas scored the fourth goal with a powerful shot.

Score was 4-1 and it didn't took so long for messi to score the fifth goal.He's just one goal behind from Muller's record of 85 goals in a single season.He was playing for Bayern Munich when he set his record in 1972.Andres Iniesta was just short to score his goal but Gorka Iraizoz saved it comfrotably.

This year barcelona is looking qutie aggressive and has scored very quickly in some games,keeping their classic style of play.They are well ahead of their rivals in the points table but some technical issues should be solved or improved to retain their lead.Messi as always performing so well this year for barcelona.while Ronaldo is having some issues with his staff and team members.

David Villa's future can take a twist in upcoming transfer session this year.No one knows what he's thingking right now but their are hints that he might leave barcelona in january because he's not and said that he's not given the proper chance to perform.So there are rumors regarding his transfer news,which is a good news for many other big clubs who are interested in him.

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