23 Dec 2012

New Ultra Small Raspberry Pi Laptop Released

Watch out Apple, there's a new ultra small laptop on the market featuring cutting-edge hardware, a solid-state hard drive, and a glowing fruit icon on the lid. The miniature, fully functional machine was designed in Austin by Nathan Morgan, the CEO of Parts People, using a Raspberry Pi for the processor. While the Raspberry Pi is a super accessible and inexpensive computing platform, it's rarely used in traditional applications.

The Raspberry Pi platform has been used to add computational power to almost everything, from mini arcade games to augmented-reality goggles, but few have tried to create something that approximates a traditional computer.This attempt takes electronic components that were destined to repair Dell computers and combines them with a 3-D printed shell to create a laptop with 10 hours of battery life, a full qwerty keyboard and a great chance of giving its user a hernia with its heft.

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