15 Dec 2012

Manchester United is our main target,Chelsea

Rafael Benitez wants to target Manchester united and Manchester city.He wants his key players to regain their forms and play with consistency against the both manchester giants.Rafel believes that beating these two teams will be great boost for us and it will make us a solid contender of premier league title.For Fernando torres he said,Torres is facing the worst time of his career but still he has the ability to perform against any big club.

Manchester united is 16 points ahead of chelsea but Rafael is confident.He said fans and critics will see a different chelsea side in the second half of league.Chelsea will face brazilian club Corinthians on saturday in a FIFA club world cup match.Rafael specially wants senior players to regain their forms beacuse chelsea totally depends on their experiences.

People criticised Rafael benitez and said that it's a two horse race and chelsea isn't a solid contender for the premier league title.Chelsea has a history of performing well in both halfs of the league but nobody knows when and how they will prove themselves as a serious contender for the title.Their senior players aren't in great touch and consistency is very far from them right now.

Rafael said, right now every side in the league is beatable and it's not easy for them to run away with the title.If we win our next three league games then you will see a different points table and i can assure you that we have that kind of ability.Against Monterrey we played on our complete potential and dominated the game from the begining.

Manchester city is one of the bigger threats for chelsea,whenever they play it's a thrilling and attacking match for everyone.Manchester city's attacking force is a straight threat for chelsea defenders.Defenders will need to work on their defending skills and should utilize them throughout the match if they want to survive against manchester city.

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