26 Dec 2012

LG Converts NFC into Blue Ray Home Theater

LG is in the midst of a whirlwind tour of its 2013 CES introductions, and the next stop is its AV catalog.The running theme this year is NFC: both the BH9430PW 9.1-channel home theater and the BP730 Blu-ray player include the short-range wireless format to simplify mirroring content from your Optimus G and, most likely,other NFC phones.The surround system also packs an iPod dock and a Private Audio Mode that funnels sound to a nearby smartphone when a quiet house is paramount. Beyond these two devices, LG promises the Bluetooth-equipped, 310W NB4530A sound bar, a ND8630 speaker dock with both Android and iOS support including AirPlay and Bluetooth and an NP6630 portable speaker that stuffs AirPlay,Bluetooth and NFC into its frame. We'll know more at CES next month,but those who want LG's overview can see it for themselves after the break.

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