22 Dec 2012

Instagram : Updated Adds Filter Tool

It was business as usual for Instagram's developers this week despite the kerfuffle over the photo-sharing service's overreaching terms of use agreement.An update of Instagram's software was rolled out Thursday after the service backed off changes to its use policy that were widely interpreted as allowing Instagram to sell its members' photos, without compensation, to advertisers.That's not the intent of the policy changes, maintained Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom in a blog item titled "Thank you, and we're listening.He explained,To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos.

In the Instagram update released this week for both the Android and iOS versions of the software, a new filter has been added (Mayfair), as well as better integration with Facebook, some bug fixes, performance improvements, and language support expansion to 25 languages.The Mayfair filter, which doesn't seem to do much at all to a image, lightens the center of a photo and adds a very faint purple tint to it.The iOS release of the update also allows for sharing photos from any album and contains a fix for a bug that affected importing images from third-parties.In response to user outrage with its policy changes, Instagram has reverted to the language in an older version of its terms of use agreement.

The terms of use flap is just the most recent that Instagram has found itself embroiled in in recent times. Two weeks ago it ignited an uproar when it scrapped support of Twitter cards.Twitter cards allow rich media to be posted in tweets that appear in a user's feed stream on the microblogging service. Before Instagram withdrew support for cards, Instagram pictures could appear in their full glory on Twitter.Now only links to Instagram pictures appear in tweets.

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