24 Dec 2012

Asus Nexus 7 Tablet : Ready To Release

The most influential gadget of 2012, the Android-powered Nexus 7 raises the bar for all tablets.We saw many impressive gadgets reach Australian shores this year, but the Nexus 7 tablet stands out from the crowd. Google's Android 4.1 reference device, built by Asus, the Nexus 7 sets the new standard for Android tablets both in terms of quality and value for money.

The Android 4.2 update is now available for the Nexus 7, bringing with it a range of interesting new features including support for multiple user accounts -- similar to Fast User Switching on a Windows PC.After initially launching with 8 and 16GB models, a hardware refresh now offers even better value for money. Online you'll pay $250 for the 16GB wi-fi-only mode and $299 for 32GB, or a little more on the stores.

The $369 32GB wi-fi/3G Nexus 7 has also reached Australian stores this month, making it even more attractive for road warriors.At this price you're entitled to expect the Nexus 7 to be a piece of junk like many of the budget Android tablets. But this little tablet can hold its head high amongst the best.

It certainly deserves some of the credit for forcing Apple's hand with the iPad mini. After declaring 7-inch tablets were duds, Apple finally threw its hat in the ring this year after the Nexus 7 made such an impressive debut. The iPad mini might have been in the pipeline for some time, but Apple could have held off a little longer without pressure from the Nexus 7.

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