19 Dec 2012

Manchester United defines role of Van Persie

Manchester United spent a huge amount of 22 million pounds for the 29 year old Robin van persie.Sir Alex Ferguson was criticised for his signing and this decision also received a valid criticism from the fans and the experts.Everyone was aware of Robin's weak ankle and still some of them suggest that Manchester united should not depend on him completely.

Sir Alex Ferguson still denies these doubters and so far it has been going in his favour.Most importantly Manchester united is leading the points table just because of Robin's amazing form.Sir Alex defines him as a goal scoring machine which will help them to clear the difference of goals between them and Manchester City.

Sir Alex Ferguson has tried Van persie almost in every formation and he has performed exceptionally well.Even Wayne Rooney hasn't performed like Van Persie in this season.Rooney is far behind him and still struggling to get his complete form.Rooney is sharing the attack with Robin Van Persie but so far he's assisting him instead trying his luck.

Van Persie seems to be enjoying his playing style at Manchester united.He's feeling comfortable in all postions and he's the leading scorer for them.He's not affraid of Manchester United's playing shape and continues to play in his unique role.Robin has a habit of sharing his attacking tactics on the field for which he was always criticised at Arsenal but now Manchester united is getting all the benefit.

Van Persie hasn't changed his playing style at Manchester United.With his same movements and tactics he's allowed to move anywhere on the field under Alex Ferguson's management.He's been quite helpful for Wayne Rooney in the attack.

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