27 Nov 2012

Wayne Rooney Can Perform In The World Cup ?

Wayne Rooney is a vital player for both Manchester United and England, but he has been very disappointing for the National team.No one can challenge his abilities but what's the point of those abilities when they don't come out at the bigger or tougher level of the game ? In this season he's again busy playing as a midfield player, he's just given the job to perform as a midfielder by Sir Alex Ferguson, which received so much criticism from both the fans and critics.Using Wayne Rooney as a midfielder shows that how much Sir ALex Ferguson is confused in the current season.Rooney hasn't scored to his potential in this season so far.Javier Harnendez is given the job to score as the main striker, but we have seen many times that his limited scoring abilities fails everytime, when he's playing against a tough opponent.Manchester United's other young strikers are still working hard to make themselves as a first choice player.So it's quite easy to understand what changes Sir Alex Ferguson should made for his side.Playing Rooney more as a midfielder has shown us that how much it started to cost Man United since the last season of premier league.England's national coach is also recently signed, So it's obvious that he'll also need time to work on rooney.Wayne himself should realize his problems and tell his coaches to help him by giving the right position to play on field if they want results from him.Roy Hodgson feels rooney kows he has to do alot better than this and admits that he has things to improve in his game.Roy also said that clubs are not helping the national team of England because youngsters are showing their interest in the Premier League rather than the Football World Cup.

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