6 Dec 2012

Lionel Messi Gets injured, May be Out for Months

Superstar Lionel Messi said, he is feeling much better after his left knee clash on wednesday in the champions league.Reports says that he will recover very soon.He got his knee injured against Benfica but there are doubts on his selection against Real Betis on sunday's La Liga match.Messi got smashed with Benfica goalkeeper Artur in the group G match at Nou Camp.Match was drawn and messi was taken off on a stretcher.

Messi's terrific form goes on and on this year also by leading every top scorer chart of the this years season.He said, i felt the worst pain of my life and i was thinking that it will not allow me to take part in any compitition for my team.Actually i felt that i'm out for number months.Barcelona ended up their group as winners and dominated every team of their group.

You can imagine messi's passion for football by watching his firing shot to the goal which was saved on the goal line by the goalkeeper.Messi said, i took that shot beacuse it might be my last shot before getting on the pitch again.According to the medical reports he's out of danger and feeling much better.It was just a blow but nohting is very serious.

Messi showed trust on hsi fellow player saying, i don't know if i'll be playing or not on sunday but you'll not miss me because we have many terrific players in the side.They are trust worthy and dependable.Last time Atletico Madrid's Tomas Ujfalusi forced him to take rest for two matches by damaging his ankle in september 2010 .

Barca's coach Tito Vilanova gave answers to critics by saying that i will defend my decision to play messi whenever i want him to play.Messi himself doesn't wants to leave any match for barca and his passion for barca can't be compared with any other player.Messi cleared his intentions and said i wasn't dying to break the record of former German striker which is 85 goals in a single season.

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