22 Nov 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari Crashed

Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari after it was crashed on the A538 near Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 2009. The listing says the car can be repaired.A battered Ferrari crashed by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo when he played for Manchester United was put up for auction online yesterday.The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 totaled after the now-Real Madrid player careened into a roadside barrier in Manchester in January 2009 was listed on eBay with a starting price of $64,380.Spanish newspaper ABC reports that it comes with 1,925 miles on the clock and various documents with the name of the 27-year-old Portuguese striker on them.A brand-new edition of the car would cost $321,900. It is being offered at the low price, by a professional scrap dealer from Duppigheim in the east of France because of its poor condition.But, according to the listing, it is certainly repairable.Bizarrely, the listing was taken down from the site early this morning after Spanish, French and Portuguese media reported on its sale.It prompted speculation on Twitter that it could return online later this week with a much higher initial sale price.

The Ferrari soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo smashed up has 1,925 miles on it.According to the website, the car was sold to the French dealer by another salesman in Portugal earlier this month.Ronaldo destroyed the front of the vehicle when it hit a roadside barrier under a tunnel near Manchester Airport in January 2009.Ronaldo demolished the front of the high-performance vehicle when it hit a roadside barrier under a tunnel near Manchester Airport in January 2009.The then-FIFA World Player of the Year escaped uninjured and spoke to officers at the scene before making his way to Manchester United's training ground near Sale.After investigating the incident and interviewing Ronaldo, who also provided a written statement following the smash, police decided not to take action against him.

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