27 Nov 2012

Manchester City expects improvement at Wigan

Roberto Mancini wants his striking force to attack according to their skills, like last Season, when they made it possible for Man city to win the premier title after 1968.Man City will travel to wigan's home ground on wednesday.It's quite alarming for Man City to get themselves in a better shape in all departments because Chelsea Fc is looking qutie impressive since Rafael Benitez has decided to manage Chelsea Fc.Chelsea's defending was very good against Man City.Attacking force of Man City can't be compared with any of their rivals, because it includes Mario Balotelli,Carlos Tevez,Edin Dzeko and Sapinish Sergio Aguero.Mancini rates Manchester United as a bigger threat among all rivals.Last time when they Played at Old Trafford, City thrashed Manchester United with the score of 6-1.

Edin Dzeko and Carlos Tevez has scored 6 goals so far.While Sergio Aguero scored 5 times.Unfortunately City is out of this years Champions League.Mancini said i have the most dangerous strikers but they should work hard and realize their responsbilities to take a comprehensive lead in the point table.He also that i am not happy with our position in right now because we deserve to be at the top.But he's very Joe Hart's performance.Mancini describes Mario Balotelli  as a complete striker with his amazing additional Striking skills, but he needs to understand his problems and try to solve them because it's his ego which is quite dangerous for his own career and futre clubs.For Tevez he said, he's also a brilliant player but he can do better than this.He's a senior striker that's why he also supports his fellows Strikers as middle player with accurate passes.

Mancini believes with their current form they don't feel any threat from any of the weak teams except the top clubs.He said chelsea and Man utd can defeat them for the title race.As far as Man united is concerned, Mancini said I feel they are weak in denfence and we have the edge of better attack which can beat their defence with Consistent attacks.They also lack experience in defence.For Chelsea he said they also have some problems in defence but their attack can provide them the lead any time in the game, which we have to look after.

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