14 Dec 2012

Lionel Messi's Record Is Fake

Lionel Messi reached his 86th goal of the season last sunday but now it is reused by FIFA officials.Messi broked the record of Ger Muller which was 85 goals in a single season.Now few clubs are claiming that some of their legends still holds the record.Zambian FA has shown some evidences and claimed that their striker Godfrey Chitalu holds the record with 107 goals which he scored in 1972.

Brazilian club Flamengo is also claiming this record.They said that their former legend Zico still holds the record with 89 goals.He achieved that milestone in 1972.FIFA officials are still silent.They are analyzing the evidences which were provided by both the clubs.An official statement is yet to come from FIFA officials.

Rumors says that FIFA has decided to stay away from the matter and will not interfere.They think that it's very hard to analyze the evidences because they don't have the actual facts and figures.They say it is not a official FIFA record so that's why we don't want be involved in the matter.FIFA doesn't maintains the domestic league records of any country.

Alex stone who is fifa's spokesman told the media that since the day one of our formation we don't keep the records of every football game played in every country.He defended fifa by saying that we're not being bias to anyone and we will not be.We like to keep the records but only according to our policies and rules.

Fans and media wants to see these kind of records but it's tough to say who is correct.He also confirmed that according to our rules we will not announce messi's name as the record holder of most goals in a single season.It was media who started collecting the facts and figures and now it's their duty to prove that which player is the legal record holder of mos goals in a season.Messi has scored 88 goals so far and have two more games to break Zico's record of 89 goals but Chitalu's record will remain unbroken.

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