30 Dec 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Apps

The default search on Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft's Bing, which is absolutely fine and certainly works well enough on the whole. However, there is a familiarity with Google's way of searching which for many is irreplaceable. The official Google app for Windows Phone isn't quite as comprehensive as it is on Android but you do get the option of location based search results, voice searches and fully-functional auto-complete predictions. It's free, quick and easy to use.

Toggle allows you to switch key phone functions on and off with a tap, the functionality echoes similar built-in capabilities from Android phones and it's a welcome addition to the Windows Phone platform. Essentially, with this app you can create a Live Tile for things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, airplane mode and location data.

Connectivity Shortcuts is similar to Toggle but with more of a focus on connectivity functionality and with a slightly different look and feel which may appeal to some users more than Toggle. It's a bit more customisable as it allows you to edit the text shown on the Live Tile and you can choose the colour from Windows Phone's standard options.

Lock Themes makes use of the new addition to Windows Phone 8 which allows apps to send information and content to the lock screen. The app lets you select a theme and will subsequently send pictures or quotes as your lock screen wallpaper. According to the developers new themes are being added all the time, but at present a few gems include a Christmas-themed ‘Deck the Halls' and one which is chock-full of Halo 4 Concept Art. Other options include Daily Horoscopes and a Nature theme.

Ztitch is a photo editing suite designed to let you take multiple snaps and then piece them together into a 3D-like panoramic 360-degree environment. It's somewhat reminiscent of Android Jelly Bean's new PhotoSphere and you can fully pan and zoom the created images. Integrated sharing features for Facebook, Twitter and email mean you can send your new compositions to your friends. With the Lumia 920's amazing PureView camera the results are particularly impressive. Best of all it's completely free.

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