29 Dec 2012

China Increased Restrictions On Internet Users

China's government issued new rules Friday requiring Internet users to give their real names to service providers, while assigning Internet companies more responsibility for deleting forbidden postings and reporting them to the authorities.The decision came as censors have sharply stepped up restrictions on China's international Internet traffic in recent weeks.The restrictions are making it harder for businesses to protect commercial secrets and for individuals to view websites that the Chinese Communist Party deems politically sensitive.

The new regulations, by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress allow pseudonyms for online postings but only if users give their real names to service providers a measure that could dampen discourse on China's Twitter-like micro blogs.Internet users are periodically detained for political comments such as calls for a multiparty democracy or accusations of official impropriety.Any entity providing Internet access by land lines or via cellphones should demand that users provide true information about their identities,the order said.

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