26 Nov 2012

Lionel Messi Scored his 82nd Goal last night

Barcelona won the match against Levante 4-0 las night and gained three points very easily.Last night's win confirms that they will stay on top until next week.Leo Messi scored twice, both goals were assisted by Andres Iniesta.Iniesta himself took his chance and shot once at the target.Fourth goal was scored by Cesc Fabregas which was another assist by Magical Andres Iniesta.Leo Messi Scored his 82nd goal of the Season, now he's just three goals short of German player Gerd Muellers, who scored 85 times 1972 in a single season.Messi is also leading the individual score chart with 19 Goals.Atletico is performing very well this Season and gains the second position in points table ahead of Real Madrid.But Atletico's coach said it's too early to say that who will win the La Liga title.Barcelona increased the difference between them and Real Madrid to 11 points last night.Xavi Hernandez is very impressed by strategic plans of Louis van Gaal.Xavi said it is very satisfied performance of our Coaches for our youth system.He also said that me and Carlos Puyol are playing together since the begining of our careers and we're satistied with the clubs future because of the great work of our Coaches in the youth System.

Jose Maria missed a chance missed in the opening of last night's game.Victor Valdes saved the goal in 12th minute of the  game.Barcelona reacted within 10 minutes and messi attacked with his low hit, then Xavi also tried his luck.Fisrts period of the match went quite well for Levante.Defenders did their job in the first half.In the second half Iniesta showed his class again by assisting Leo Messi.It took only 5 minutes to Messi and Iniesta to score again.Again 5 minutes were enough for scoring but this time it was Iniesta himself.Cesc Fabregas scored the fourth goal of the match, which was also a assist from Andres Iniesta.Consistency of Iniesta was a major fact in the last night's win for Barcelona.Victor Valdes made a double save for his team including a penalty in the last few minutes of the game.

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