1 Jan 2013

Why People Love Nexus 7 ?

The Nexus 7 debuted more than six months ago at Google's annual developer conference,but I am still a big fan of the device. and I have no trouble recommending it to tablet buyers.In this edition of Ask Maggie,I explain why the Nexus 7 is still a good device at a decent price. One Ask Maggie reader is tired of squinting to read books on his smartphone,but he's troubled by the $200 price tag.Meanwhile, the second reader is debating whether to get the smaller 7-inch Nexus 7 mini-tablet or a bigger Android tablet from Samsung.

I think the Nexus 7 is a terrific step up, and I highly recommend it to readers. It's very light, and the size is perfect.It's about the size of a typical paperback book and can easily be held with one hand. It fits nicely into a pocket or purse, so it's portable if you read while commuting or traveling and since it comes with the full Android OS, you can access just about anything from the Google Play store.I mention this because other tablets of a similar size, such as the Kindle Fire,offer only a limited catalog of books, games, and movies.Whatever is available via Amazon is what's available on the Kindle Fire.This is great if you are already using that ecosystem to purchase your books and other media. But it sounds like you are already getting books and other stuff via the Google Play store, so it makes sense for you to continue using that ecosystem.

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