13 Jan 2013

Intel will introduce Socketed CPUs in 2016

Would Intel ship or not ship Socketed CPUs with its future generation platforms? This question has been looming the net since the last month after PC Watch revealed a roadmap which showed that the Chip giant would stop its production of Socketed CPUs to be replaced by BGA offerings.Tech report confirms through a trusted source which happens to be a motherboard manufacturer that according to their roadmap tells that Socketed CPUs are here to stay but only till 2016. Previously, it was thought that Intel Haswell would be the last generation of Socketed CPUs from Intel.

Intel denied the rumor and said that the CPUs would be available till a Foreseeable Future.AMD also revealed that it is committed to offer Socketed CPUs to its consumers.Two weeks ago, PC Watch once again leaked Intel’s Haswell and Broadwell variants listing which revealed that the transition of Socketed CPUs to BGA packages would happen sooner than expected.

The listing shows that while Socketed CPUs would be available in High-End Core i7 and Core i5 Quad Core models, the entry-level Core i3 would be shipped as BGA packaged CPUs. In our very own interview with Intel, the company revealed its plans of transition to BGA packaged CPUs with Broadwell Generation.

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