25 Jan 2013

Google Completes Wireless Network Project

Google is seeking permission from the Federal Communications Commission to build an intriguing yet vaguely worded experimental wireless network around its California-based headquarters.The FCC application was discovered Jan. 22 by Steven J. Crowley, an electrical engineer from Washington D.C., who routinely checks FCC applications as part of his work for clients. After finding the application, Crowley mentioned it in a post on his professional engineering blog.

The experiment is to take place within a 2-mile radius, so this is a quite dense network, which could have very high capacity for carrying data,wrote Crowley.That sparse information was interesting, so he revealed its existence on his blog,Crowley told eWEEK in an interview.There are not a lot of details here, he said. From that you can extrapolate many things.

The Google FCC filing includes portions of the application, and accompanying exhibits are designated confidential,while parts of an accompanying letter are redacted for confidentiality,according to Crowley's post.So what could Google be interested in testing.There are a wide range of unsubstantiated possibilities,said Crowley.

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