6 Jan 2013

Lenovo announced 27 inch Horizon table PC

Lenovo has just unveiled a 27-inch all-in-one desktop at CES called the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC.As a Table PC, Horizon can lie flat on any surface, lets two or more people use the screen at the same time, supports interactive physical gaming accessories and is designed for touchscreen gameplay among several players.Building up what Lenovo did with the IdeaCentre A720, unveiled at CES last year, the company has dreamed up some pretty interesting apps and user interface enhancements. Although Lenovo has added a new multiuser interfaced called Aura, Windows 8 also appears to enhance the experience a fair bit if you check out Rich Brown's video.

The Horizon supports multiplayer games with its gigantic screen, dynamic graphics and 10-finger touch.It comes with a special set of accessories including an e-dice and four joysticks and strikers to offer a new digital gaming experience that combines the physical gaming accessory with the on-screen action. For the player, the action is part physical, part digital--an activity that Lenovo refers to as phygital.At a price point a fraction of the Microsoft Surface and with a smaller footprint, this machine may start to become the centrepiece of homes and businesses who found the Microsoft Surface interesting but too prohibitive in terms of cost.

Up to 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor
Up to Windows 8 Pro
27-inch backlit full-HD (1,920 x 1,080) multitouch display
Up to Nvidia GeForce GT 620M 1GB graphics
Up to 8GB DDR3 RAM
Up to 1TB HDD; optional 64GB SSD
Stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater v4
Integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
27mm thick
Integrated 720p HD webcam
USB 3.0, 6-in-1 card reader, HDMI
2 hours

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