4 Jan 2013

Samsung : Latest Galaxy S 4 Features Leaked

New images claim to show the next version of Samsung's best selling Galaxy Handset  which could go on sale next year.Image shows sleek design with no button - but does not appear to show rumoured bending screen.It could be revealed at the CES event in Las Vegas next week.The latest version of Samsung's hugely popular Galaxy S mobile phone has been spotted, according to one online site.An image obtained by Sammobile shows the new gadget sporting a 5 inch display and a new design with no buttons on the case.The handset is also believed to have a quad core processor and a 13 megapixel camera.

We can’t 100% confirm if this is indeed the Galaxy S IV but the picture he sent us looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all.The picture shows a new design for Samsung's flagship phone,with all of the buttons removed from the front of the device.It is expected to run the latest version of Google's Android software.Rumours had also circulated previously that the phone could include a radical new type of 'bendable' screen that would make the phone almost unbreakable. 

However, the pictures do not appear to show anything different in the 5inch screen of the device.It comes just hours after one online site claimed Apple's iPhone 6 was already being used in the California firm's Cupertino headquarters.Apple and Samsung have been locked in a battle for supremacy in the smartphone market, and releasing the S4 earlir than a new iPhone could give the Korean firm a crucial advantage.However, rival blogs have claimed the image is fake.It would be easy to enlarge the screen on a SGS3 press image using Photoshop, remove the home button and slightly reduce the size of the Samsung logo at the top, said gadget site Pocket Lint.Also,Samsung generally has more tricks up its sleeve than simply copying the same design year-on-year.

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