16 Jan 2013

LG: Working on Windows Phone

LG is to announce several smartphones running Windows Phone 8 this year, along with additions to its Optimus range, which the company hopes will increase sales by 40 percent.Arriving in October, there are just five smartphones with Windows Phone 8 currently on sale from HTC, Nokia and Samsung, and while we have been impressed by the hardware and user interface, the lack of a central notification centre and quality third party applications are problems Microsoft must address.

LG shipped 41.2 million in the first nine months of 2012, and it is expected to have shipped a further 15 million in the October-December quarter, results for which will be announced by the company on 30 January.LG has become a second tier smartphone manufactuer in recent years, falling behind the like of Huawei, ZTE, Apple and the all-dominant Samsung in the race for smartphone supremecy.

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