3 Jan 2013

Top 4 Fitness Gadgets in the World

Nike Fuelband - £129
Simply tracking your activity can be a good way to motivate yourself to do more.The Nike Fuelband makes that simple: it's a wristband that contains motion sensors to track your movement through the day, translating your activity into Nike Fuel points that aim to let you compare yourself to others,regardless of the sports you're doing. It also counts the steps you take  10,000 per day is seen as a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle  and tells the time.It comes in three colours but the sleek black version is the coolest.

Jawbone Up - price tbc
Another trendy wristband that monitors your movement is the Jawbone Up.First released in 2011,the up was withdrawn because of technical problems.It will be back on sale in Britain shortly,after being completely re-engineered.It's slimmer than the Nike Fuelband and adds the ability to track the quality of your sleep.However, unlike the Fuelband,it doesn't have a screen.

Polar Rcx3 GPS - £249.50
If you are a runner or cyclist and are more serious about tracking your activity then it's worth considering a GPS watch,rather than a wristband like the Fuelband or Up.The Polar Rcx3 will track your route,speed and distance, which you can upload to Polar's Personal Trainer website.The Personal Trainer gives you access to training programs, tracks your progress over time and offers feedback on each workout.

Strava Run and Strava Cycling - Free, iPhone and Android
You don't necessarily need a watch to track your exercise.Smartphone apps can use GPS to plot your route and there are plenty of services which will keep track of your performance over time.The only downside is having to strap your phone to your arm or stick it in a pocket while you exercise. If you're happy to do that then there are plenty of options. Runkeeper (free) is an online service that syncs with many popular apps, while Zombies, Run - £2.49 turns running into an immersive game.

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