2 Feb 2013

Retailers Recommend Samsung S3 over iPhone 5

Some retailers in the United Kingdom say they recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III over Apple’s iPhone5.This report comes from a recent shopper survey.The survey was conducted last month by Telecoms & Media during the holiday shopping season. It was conducted at eight of the nation’s top retail stores which included John Lewis, 3, O2, Everything Everywhere, Carphone Warehouse, PC World, Phones 4 U, and Maplins.The survey results show that among all the major smartphone brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola Mobility, and Research In Motion Limited, the phone that was recommended the most was Samsung’s Galaxy S III. On an interesting note, the latter three brands were rarely mentioned in the stores or by sales representatives.Apple’s chief executive officer, Tim Cook, recently held a meeting inside the company’s headquarters in Cupertino. He took the opportunity to remind everyone that Apple’s goals are less about revenue and more about making the best products.

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